I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, believer, worshiper, and (sometimes) blogger! Yes, I juggle some of these roles on a daily basis just like some of you.  I believe that I can relate to your daily stories and testimonies. It’s my goal to inspire, encourage, and uplift women and men alike by sharing devotionals, insight, wisdom, personal testimonies, and encouragement as you face day-to-day. I believe that Jesus died for my sins. I’m unashamed to carry my cross and represent the love and gospel of Christ. I’m on a journey to introduce others to His love and help them discover their purpose. Feel free to follow with me!

What is Fashioned With Purpose?


Well, I started this blog January 2013. At the time, I was completing a fast and found myself worshiping God and falling in love with Him more and more. I drowned out a lot of distractions and dedicated time to spend in His presence. During my 60-day fast, the Lord began speaking to me in ways that I never stopped to acknowledge before. Something within me was burning and my hunger to grow in Christ became stronger. I began writing in a journal to document every encounter spent in his presence. I wanted to share those experiences with the hope of inspiring others. So, I thought why not start a blog? I was fearful, inexperienced, and nervous all at the same time, but I mustered the courage to do it. So, Fashioned With Purpose was released out of adoration and reverence ! I hope to not only inspire but to help you find your purpose. You have a gift within. There’s a calling on your life and I don’t believe that you found this blog by coincidence.

God has made you and FASHIONED you! You were perfectly created and shaped into his image and likeness. Once, you succumb to what He has called you to be, you will begin to experience the blessings and the promise that He has just for you!

I pray that He sends a rushing wind of glory upon you…I pray that His sweet and gentle presence is felt right where you are…I pray that He stirs up the gifts, the talents, and the burning Holy Spirit Fire inside of you! He has a special plan for you! There is something that God wants to show you or something He wants to tell you. I pray that the words on this page move through you to start a burning passion within. If you already have a rush of Holy Spirit Fire, I want to urge you to keep the flame lit! If you used to have a strong passion for God and somehow lost it, I pray that same passion is reignited because…

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